Practicum days 10, 11: Cataloging

Can you say “more fun than a barrel of monkeys”?

I admit it. I’m a competitive person. Very competitive. No, don’t tell me you’re competitive. I’m more competitive than you. And than you. I’m ALL the competitiveness.

So when I started my practicum and I was told that I would have to work in two libraries because my main host library did not let students work on the catalog, the thing I wanted most in this world (aside from world peace and a pony) was to work on my host library’s catalog.

After the debacle with my second host library, and given that my original host library is interested in employing me when they have a job opening, I reminded the library director that she had mentioned the possibility of my working on correcting MARC subfield errors. She checked with the cataloger, who said she’d rather I didn’t do that. The cataloger had thought about it, and preferred —

that I catalog the English language children’s books for the Yemima Center library!

Yes, that “earthquake” which rocked the universe was a student being allowed to mess about in the catalog. And yet we didn’t beat the Mayans — the earth has yet to end.

Day 1 I did the English language kids books. And fun was had. And catalogers and staff were impressed. And a lasting impression in the catalog was made!

The second day I was given even more of a challenge — catalogs of art exhibitions.

Look at that — my work is in the catalog. Available to the public. Searched for by millions (or at least by me).

Other progress was made. I’ve become friendly with the morning guard and he now lets me into the library before 8 am. I’ve been registered as having a Cockpit account and access to Aleph 500. (Now if only the computing department would work out my user name and password so I could catalog on my own dime and not have to keep stealing the library secretary’s account. Good thing she’s so nice about it!)

Dates: Jan. 10, 12 2012
Hours: 8.5 (Jan 10), 7.5 (Jan 12)
Total hours to date: 86 hours 10 minutes


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One Response to “Practicum days 10, 11: Cataloging”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Congrats on your work being in the catalog! My library uses Aleph too.

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