Practicum Days 5 & 6: General Reading Room

Days 5 & 6 were spent working all day (8 am – 6:45 pm) in the main reading room.

In many ways it was similar to what I had done in the periodicals room, mainly because students don’t seem to grasp the difference between the two areas: periodicals only has periodicals and databases, the main reading room only has books and databases.

Along with helping students and climbing endless stairs to the galleries (where we keep the 500-end of the DDC books — and why are we not handicapped and high-heel-wearing-librarian accessible?) I also did a lot of distance reference, went over syllabi for the spring semester to make sure we had all the relevant books and journals in the library and on the shelves in sufficient quantities. I also did some of my “information officer” magic by calling on contacts outside Libraryland for help when a search came up dry (a client who does psychoeducational assessments would know the relevant professional literature and confirmed that the reason we found none in English is because none exists on that particular topic.)   One night none of the usual librarians had evening shift; the cataloger replaced them. She and I spoke of matter internet and catalog; I helped her sign up for the Autocat mailing list and introduced her to Librarian Wardrobe (and the the phenomenon of tumblr in general).  In return, she taught me how to process Elchanan Adler’s error reports from ULI bound cataloging records.

Dates: December 19 & December 22, 2011
Hours: 10 hours, 45 minutes (each)
Total hours to date: 48 hours, 10 minutes


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