#CPD23 & Mendeley: Success Story

I recently wrote about CPD23 Things 14, and feel it’s only fair I post an update.

Immediately after my post was Tweeted I started getting messages from Mendeley people, and within a day my town, a Jewish settlement in Samaria, was added to the site’s database, as part of Israel. Now I can recommend the service without feeling that I’m spreading unreciprocated love.

Kudos to the CPD23 organizers. As prompt as Mendeley was to respond, I’m sure the high visibility of the CPD23 program helped speed things along.




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One Response to “#CPD23 & Mendeley: Success Story”

  1. Steve Dennis (@subcide) Says:

    I’d like to echo your support for CPD23. A few of us here have been following it on Twitter and think it’s a fantastic initiative 🙂

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