#cpd23 Thing 9:They say it’s good for you

Oh, Evernote. I want to like you, I really do. You seem to have everything I could want — you’ve got a desktop and an Android app, you can handle to do lists, pictures, voice notes, and annotation of webpages, all in one place.

But I have a feeling you’re like cantorial music, exercise, and dark chocolate: something which is supposed to be good for me but which I just don’t like.

My try-out of Evernote was far from smooth : it took most of a week to get the Firefox add-on to properly install. It kept downloading, but the icon never showed on my browser and when I tried to configure the add-on it crashed Firefox so spectacularly that I had to reboot my computer. But since the Android app and the desktop versions worked well, I soldiered on.

I do like the way Evernote handles my to-do list. I’m a ticky!box fangirl. But my-oh-my, what a mess it makes of webpages I have it save for me! The text gets all scrunched up, one column of a table piled onto the other like a heap of wriggling puppies.

Part of the problem may be that Evernote doesn’t have support for Hebrew. I know never to expect such support, but for me that’s a huge consideration.

I’ve only been using Evernote for a week now, so I’ll give it another week or two as a fair trial, but I’ll do use the belt-and-suspenders approach. Aside from my to-do list I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done to keep notes on websites: print the page to a pdf using primopdf, annotate the pdf using foxit, and then make the pdf available to all my devices by putting it in my dropbox.

ETA: OK, the Hebrew was not the problem. Take a look at this hot mess:

Those of you who do like Evernote, what am I doing wrong? WHy are you swearing by it while I’m swearing at it?



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2 Responses to “#cpd23 Thing 9:They say it’s good for you”

  1. John Says:

    I’m not totally sure what the answer is to your problem as you don’t state what operating system or version you are using…e.g. Mac OS X 10.6.8.
    To help solve your problem pop along to the Evernote Forum. I’m sure someone there will be able to help you…:)

  2. Ahava Cohen Says:

    I’ve encountered the same problem across the Windows desktop application (I use XP), the Android application, and the Firefox (5.0 is my install) clipper. I did check out the forums but haven’t found any relevant information posted since 2009. I plan to run a few more trials to see if I can nail down a direction for the problem before I ask someone there to help me solve it.

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