#CPD23 Thing 10: To know where you’re going…

I think some people are born to their professions.

Take my aunt (please!)

(Thank you, I’m here all week. Try the lasagna, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

She’s a born social worker. Family legend has it she was giving the delivery room nurses advice, and at 4 she sat the postman down for a long, deep conversation about what was wrong in his life.

I’ve always been the information finder and sharer. You know, the annoying kid in class who was always correcting the teacher. Who always waved her hand frantically, wanting nothing more in life than to answer the question.

That’s right. I was the kid you all hated. But really, you should have pitied me. It wasn’t that I was a show-off, it’s that I was addicted to information. Walking into school was like pushing the plunger on the syringe, getting that sweet, sweet fix.

In high school I decided journalism was the way to get my daily information high, and that lasted me up until I moved to Israel at age 25. There were few English language outlets back then, and I knew that I’d never be as good as I wanted to be in Hebrew journalism, so I skidded off into editing and translating. From there it was a short hop into researching and organizing information as a corporate Information Officer.

When I was widowed I realized that I needed a reason to get out of my home office and get out into a crowd, so I decided to go learn something. Since I never had any formal training in librarianship or information science, I decided to check out programs and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the average age of post-graduate LIS students in Israel is mid-40s.

I enrolled in the Beit Berl post-grad program, about which I wrote on Hack Library School. Because of the program I’ve started to volunteer in a public library, but that’s a story for Thing 11.


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