#cpd23 Thing 8: In which I date Google Calendar

You think I’m gorgeous
You want to date me
Love me & marry me

–Agent Gracie Hart, Miss Congeniality


To those who know me off-line, it’s no surprise that I’m in love with my phone. It’s the first thing I handle in the morning, the last thing I handle at night. I might lose my glasses, my keys, and my mind, but never my phone.

It carries my library. It carries my phone book. It carries my sketchpad. It carries my social life. And it carries my calendar.

I had tried Google Calendar a while ago and was not impressed. I still had to copy events into my feature-phone or onto a paper calendar. It was fine, as far as it went, but I wasn’t always in front of a computer.

Once I bought an Android, though, everything changed. Suddenly the Google Calendar was relevant. Suddenly it was convenient. Appointments I had scattered between three calendars (work, personal, religious) could be all in one place. Google Calendar can even switch bewteen secular and Jewish dates.

I do wish I could attach pictures to appointments, though. It would be wonderful to be able to add a photo of the map included in an invitation, or attach a photo of an event to its date on the calendar.


Now if Google could only explain to me how I, who never have any appointments, suddenly have one nearly everyday, I could go to sleep happy.







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One Response to “#cpd23 Thing 8: In which I date Google Calendar”

  1. Cobalt Says:

    I’m glad that you’ve found a good match with Google Calendar + your Android phone! I didn’t get a smartphone until after I discovered GC, and I was pleasantly stunned by the instant synching feature (I sort of thought it was something all these newfangled phones did).

    You’ve got great ideas about added features, too – I would love a handy map to paste on my event of the day, or jog my memory with a quick photo (what was this meeting about again?)

    Sadly, I fear your last desire is beyond even the powers of Google — at least until they conquer the time-space continuum. 😉

    Enjoying your blog lots (especially the non-reflective practice post!)

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