#libday7 Library school never taught this

Things library school never taught me

To be an LIS professional you need:

  • A big checkbook
  • Graphics skills
  • Muscles

So what did I do all day? In my day job, I spent the day digging up old bills that had never been paid. (Hello, no one has paid the water bill since March or the electricity since January? And we still have service?). Then I spent about 10 hours doing drawings for patent applications (which, for obvious reasons, I can’t post at this point).

Around 7 pm my public library director calls and asks if I can help set the library up for the Minister of Culture’s visit. The advantage of living alone is that I can do spontaneous hings like this (yes, isn’t my life just too much fun?!?).

Our first task was straightening two rooms full of shelves, so the place looked good. Aside from a few obvious mis-shelvings (a book of Jewish law on the shelf with books on cults, for example) we didn’t try to organize, just fix this:

Clear all the furniture out of the children’s area, set up the speakers’ area

And put out 60 chairs for guests.

When I grow up, I want a job in a library with a maintenance staff!


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