CPD23 Thing 5: The non-retro-reflective edition

Things I did instead of writing about reflective practice:

1. Read a lot about reflective practice.

2. Knit a pair of yoga socks.

3. Updated our corporate blog.

4. Updated statistics for marketing projections.5. Watered my newly poured patio three times a day.

6. Followed many, many links from lemurph‘s post on Thing 4.

7. Hung out with my daughters.

8. Went to a Yemenite henna ceremony.

9. Pic-spammed a huge huge post for my fangirlz. (And no, no link. Linking between my fandom and my professional life is just what I’m trying to avoid in my branding!)10. Played with my cat.

11. Realized that I’m avoiding the issue.

My sign is “keep out”





I’m a preparer. I read and plan a lot before I do anything, including getting out of bed. I’m the geeky student who’s done all the required and recommended reading three days after the syllabus was released. I’m the one who keeps her inbox down to zero and her RSS feeds all read. Before I volunteered to catalog a music collection I read books and websites about music cataloging. And there it ends.

I plan, I do, I move on. If I’m going to do something again I may analyze what went right and what went wrong, but it’s not so much reflection as it is preparing for the next volley. In the world of information seeking behavior I’m less Ellis* than I am Bates**. (Incidentally — raspberries? Best thing evah. Mulberries? Ditto.)

Photo CC by mccun934

And this is about as much reflection as I can take. Off to plan my weekend.

* Modeling the information seeking patterns of engineers and research scientists in an industrial environment, D Ellis, M Haugan (1997), Journal of Documentation 53 (4) p. 384-403

** The design of browsing and berrypicking techniques for the online search interface M Bates (1989) http://gseis.ucla.edu/faculty/bates/berrypicking.html


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