CPD Thing 2: Time to meet the neighbors

It’s summertime in Israel, which means it’s moving season. As someone who has lived in the same small town for nearly 20 years, that means I’m usually shlepping to someone new’s door with a cake and a greeting, off to meet the new neighbors.

And that’s what I’ve felt like the past few days, trolling cpd23 blogs. Because I need more blogs to follow like a fish needs a bicycle.

A few things I’ve noticed:

  • I tend to click on blogs with clever names, and nearly never on those named “cpd23 blog” or the like. (Quick aside as to my blog’s name: My first name, Ahava, means “love” in Hebrew. And I’m a corporate librarian/IO. And a LIS student.)
  • I tend to run away if there’s nothing but a “hello, world post” or a lot of posts not related to either cpd23 or anything else that interests me. (I have my own cat, thanks. Unless yours turns cartwheels while reciting Paradise Lost….)
  • I want to feel like my comment is being solicited, even in small ways. I’ve gotten into a conversation with Odd Librarian Out because she asked a question about her new “comment a day” habit.
  • There are no other Israelis taking part in cpd23. 😦
  • I like bullet lists.

Are you doing anything to encourage others in your area to do cpd23? What? Give me ideas, people! Representing an entire country is for beauty queens, not for me.

And do you have any recs for must-read library blogs? Reading blogs and Twitter is my favorite way of productively wasting time and I’m down to only 170 feeds. Must. Get. More. Reading. Material.






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4 Responses to “CPD Thing 2: Time to meet the neighbors”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi Ahava,
    Point four is missing one crucial word, ‘yet’! Hope you’re enjoying the programmes

  2. Ahava Cohen Says:

    From your mouth to my fellow Israeli librarians’ keyboards!

  3. Joseph Norwood Says:

    I too like bullet points. I agree with your list of things that make you more likely to read a post. Being the only Israeli is a pretty good position to be in in terms of attracting people to your blog. But it must be odd. I believe I may be one of four people in Brighton doing this. And Israeli is, to be fair, slightly bigger than Brighton.

    • Ahava Cohen Says:

      It’s amazing how schizophrenic Israel is about the outside world. We’re a nation of immigrants and bring every culture around into our own, but we want it all in our own language, at our own pace. I wonder if a local CPD23 would work? Then again, the level of technological and social media comfort among local librarians is extraordinarily low for such a technologically advanced country such as we are.

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